How we invest

At Talbot Financial, we view investments as operating entities.

We invest where we see opportunity and are not constrained by rigid asset allocation models, market capitalization, sectors, geography, or position limits. We invest in stocks, bonds, commodities, cash, and real estate.

We commit funds to investments that we believe offer long- term capital appreciation with below market risk. We seek “deep value” investments.

We are not a hedge fund nor a venture capital firm. Our goal is to provide both absolute and real (inflation-adjusted) returns at low cost to our clients.


Our holdings can be described as a “box-kite with a tail.”

“Box-kite” holdings are core-investments that we believe offer better-than-market returns with below market risk. These investments are generally held, and opportunistically added to, for the longer term.

“Tail” holdings are those where we see special situations or immediate opportunities. These investments can be shorter in duration and offer potential for higher returns…albeit with more risk.