"How are you different from the thousands of other money managers out there?"

We invest with the perspective of a CEO and our money is invested in the same investments that we own personally. We have “skin in the game” so to speak. We are a “deep value” firm focusing on both absolute and real returns.

"Are you a hedge fund?"


"Are you venture capitalists?"

No, but we will consider investing in small operating companies where we see opportunities for capital appreciation.

"How do you invest, and what do you invest in?"

We invest where we see opportunity …primarily in equities, bonds, and real estate.

"Do you invest in mutual funds?"

Rarely, and only to cover special situations within our portfolio.

"What about ETFs?"

We will invest in ETFs either when we do not have the expertise to invest in the individual companies or to quickly shift into a sector of opportunity. Ultimately, the longer term goal is to reduce the ETF position in favor of specific investments within the chosen sector.

"Can I trade my own account?"


"Will I know how I am invested?"

Yes, your account is available on-line at all times.

"What are your investment advisory fees?"

Equities0.85% of asset value
Fixed Income0.20% of asset value
Cash/Money MarketNo advisory fees
Real EstateNegotiated

"Do you charge for managing cash?"


"How will you benchmark my return?"

We will benchmark against absolute return first---meaning, how much money did you make or lose. Then, depending on the current investment mix, we will benchmark against the most similar/appropriate index.

"How often will I receive portfolio reviews?"

Quarterly…and you will have access daily to account values and holdings.

"Can I access a margin account?"


"How quickly can I access my capital?"